Vulture 101

The Venue Change

The "Trailfest" event was started in the mid 1990's by "East Coast 4 Wheel Drive Association, Region D". It thrived for 5 or so years, until land and political issues made it tough to continue. About that time, Paragon Adventure Park opened in Hazleton PA. We decided to continue the event, but thought it needed a new name to go with the rockier terrain of Paragon Park compared to the more 'trail' terrain of our usual Northeast.

A New Name (or, 'The Birth of The Bird')

Based upon "Woodstock: Three days of piece and Music", the name "TruckStock: Three Days of Rocks and Dirt" came up. An instant after that name was mentioned, visions of the Woodstock "Dove on a guitar neck" logo image came to mind. How could we incorporate that Woodstook logo into the event. The Dove quickly transformed to "Vulture on a tree branch", with the scavanger looking at the trucks on the rocks below, waiting for the dead. Turned out the TruckStock name was already used elsewhere. Even though "On The Rocks" was chosen for the new name, the Vulture managed to stay as the new event's Mascot.

In 2008, when the event moved back to the Northeast, the Vulture flew from Hazleton, PA to central MA to stick with us.